What are GIA certified melee diamonds

I’ve recently started playing with the glitter of diamonds, added to the smooth shine of natural pearls. What a stunning and luxurious combination! To stay in the price range for everyone, some of my work is created with uncertified natural diamonds, but I’m reserving a lovely selection of GIA certified natural melee diamonds for the higher price point jewelry.

What’s the difference between GIA certified and uncertified diamonds?

GIA is the preeminent diamond certification body in the USA and world wide. A GIA certified diamond is guaranteed to have the stated clarity and color, and to be natural if it says it’s so.

For larger diamonds, an individual precious stone gets its own certificate, a “pedigree” describing its rating, size, color, clarity and any inclusions. Some of the larger diamonds are then inscribed in an out of the way spot to make them impossible to forge and easy to track. Such diamonds sell for thousands to hundreds of thousands dollars, depending on the carat size and quality.

Smaller diamonds, such as I’d use to add a brilliant flash to a pair of pearl earrings or a blister pearl pendant, are called “melee diamonds”, and they’re carefully tested and graded by GIA in bulk. They don’t have individual “papers” (individual gem GIA certificates are very costly, and not cost effective for small diamonds), but they’re individually examined in batches and found to be of certain quality and natural. This is a good compromise between the steep diamond cost and certainty that that lovely piece of jewelry you’re wearing is 100% genuine. Of course, if you’re just looking for a stunning piece of jewelry to wear and don’t care about the pedigrees, you rebel, the uncertified diamonds are much more affordable.

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Ethically sourced diamonds from a respected gemstone seller

Of course, only buying from a respected source can ensure that the diamonds will be genuine, and that certification valid. That’s why the next batch of GIA certified diamonds waiting to become a wink of pure bright light in an AmmonArt piece of jewelry comes from AfricaGems, a popular and highly rated gem supplier based right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to being run by a well known second generation gemstone dealer, AfricaGems is an ethical supplier with progressive values that gives back to the community these beautiful stones come from. The Sarosi Gem Collection donated by them resides in Smithsonian since 2000, just one of many donations from this great company.

AmmonArt Fine Handmade Jewelry - What are GIA certified melee diamonds - Stories
Freshly arrived AfricaGems order of 1.5mm GIA certified diamonds, and two lovely heart cut garnets just because I couldn’t resist them ;-).