Another trip to learn and be inspired

My annual trip to Europe to learn, create and be inspired is over, and returning to the Bay Area is always bittersweet. The most valuable treasures I brought back were not packed in a suitcase – more knowledge and experience with porcelain and glazes, and a heart full of beauty.

In a Belgrade studio with my dear ceramics teacher, I added to my skills with porcelain, learning to dye it, combine different types of porcelain clay, and work with glazes, bringing home another stash of jewelry materials I can’t wait to finish with gold and silver leaf, silver and pearls.

On the serene Mediterranean coast, I’ve seen heart-stopping sunsets, majestic lightning storms and the bluest blue waters comparable only to my beloved Larimar. I picked figs warm with sunshine, saw olives ripening among the silver leaves, and renewed my bond with Nature.

Back in lovely San Francisco, I’m ready to fold my love, my memories, the newly acquired knowledge and colors seen into new jewelry pieces for you.